Monday, 11 July 2011

Snappy Dresser - Future Wardrobe Design

Snappy Dresser was born out of the idea of a wardrobe that doesn’t act only as a piece of furniture but also a smart home appliance. Living in a small space can be a bit challenging to some people, however organizing small living space can be easily done if you know how. One of clever tricks to make your small living space feels more spacious is by having objects that serve multiple functions. Snappy Dresser rejects the idea of a wardrobe as a mere piece of furniture, it takes traditional wardrobe to a new level via cutting edge technology that offers a wide range of functions.

Designer : Nelly Trakidou

Have you ever had a problem when choosing what to wear for a particular event? Well, we think most of us do. We just simply stand in front of our wardrobes, imagining would this outfit look good on us for the special occasion. Snappy Dresser addresses this problem by giving suggestions based on user’s history. The system is able to mix and match clothes styles and functions needed for any context. Snappy Dresser utilizes RFID tags to recognize user’s clothes where all information such as brand, material, color, etc. are kept to later be used to suggest the outfits to its users.

The main feature of Snappy Dresser would be virtual rehearsing of clothes. Before deciding which outfit to wear, user will have the ability to see how he or she will look in that outfit without actually having to wear it. In this way, user will have the ability to try many combinations of clothes without having to take all clothes out of the wardrobe. For this feature to work, Snappy Dresser will have to get input from 3D scanner of user’s body measurements. In fact, user can also take feedbacks and advices from friends as this futuristic wardrobe can also connect its user to the internet.

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