Thursday, 7 July 2011

Bombardier - Future Train Transportation

Public transport may allow sustainable commutation but passengers have to compromise with comfort and privacy while traveling by a bus or a train. Developed by Russian designer Vitaly Kamyshev, the “Bombardier” is a personal coach compartment that not only allows privacy but also adds luxury to the public transport. Accommodating one person in utmost comfort, the individual compartment includes an armchair, computer panel with TV and multimedia center, place for your bag and wardrobe with drying function. The touch sensitive panel on the table lets you watch TV, listen to the music or surf internet with the touch of a finger. You can use USB-card if you want to open your file or save any information while working on the touchscreen computer. Though the cabin just measures one meter in length, but you can regulate the slope of the chair back to work or stretch your body in comfort.

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