Saturday, 6 November 2010

Kosha Chair

A comfy chair called “Kosha” that looks like a wooden cave providing a secluded place for relaxation. The big chair allows peace and tranquility to the mind and charge the body with an eternal energy. Its elegant looks entice people to keep it in an open space or in library. The main idea behind this elegant and stylish chair is to quench the thirst for physical and mental tranquility.

In this chair, 33 handmade strips of wood were put together flawlessly. This extraordinary object has well formed lines to cuddle pleasantly and effectively with human body. Books are our best friend and Kosha chair is especially designed to provide ample space for your favorite books and magazines. In short, Kosha chair is a paradise on earth wherein you can read or relax to shed your fatigue in tranquility.

designer : Claudio D’amore

source : designsiteinc

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