Monday, 4 October 2010

Stylish Wireless Charger Solar Power

Leaf is an ultra-sleek, futuristic charger that is wonderfully designed and uses the technology of today to usher us into a world of tomorrow filled with clean and green energy. Designed by Joel Lim, this is one wireless charger that has floored us with its minimalistic style, ergonomic design, ability to tap into solar energy and adaptability that allows it to juice up your favorite electronic gadgets without the hassles of wires.

Seems like Joel Lim is a designer who loves the concept of “less is more,” and we are totally behind the philosophy, as there is absolutely no necessity to use excessive energy and unnecessary resources when we are already short on both. The Leaf is a wireless solar charger that has a photovoltaic array on one side, while it has a magnetic induction charging pad on the other side.

source : it-tech

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