Friday, 1 October 2010

Media Player Concept

The portable media player has been designed as a university project about sci-fi movies. The technology used to carve this eye-appealing multimedia player is quite different from that of a traditional headphone. The skill projects music, video and image, which threw nodes directly into the brain. The product does not involve the use of ears, but just to make the design more acceptable, a typical headphone look was adopted. This look will easily form a connection with people, just like other products in the same league.

Minority Report Media Player features three nodes that will help keep the selected information secure. One of the nodes is positioned at the top of the gadget and the other two forms a contact with both temples. Magnetic technology is used to unfold the side nodes placed near the temple. These will get all the power from photovoltaic cells that come draped in acrylic material. These also work as an ingenious display for the device. When the device is unfurled, it looks as if a wave is spreading out from the center.

Designer : Sebastian Pandolfi from Argentina

source : itechfuture

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