Saturday, 23 October 2010

Electrolux Ribbon: Mobile Food Heater/Cooler

The Ribbon is a mobile device that users can wrap/drape around their food containers to cool or heat food without having to stick it in a microwave or a fridge. One of the 8 finalists at the 2011 Electrolux Design Lab competition, the Ribbon is an innovative new food heater/cooler concept by Enzo Kocak. The device comes with two separate planes for heating and cooling functions. The flexible, shape retaining device bends and flexes with a wire-like rigidity allowing users to easily wrap it around any food container of bottle. The dual-sided device has dozens of tiny battery-powered thermoelectric cells on each side that cool or heat food and drinks.

The rubberized flexible polymer shell of the Ribbon has copper linkages between the cells inside that maximize the device’s energy efficiency. The device easily splits into four segments that can be reattached side-by-side to form rectangular hot/cool plate or used normally as a wraparound heating/cooling device. The device also has magnets in its embedded design that help users wrap the Ribbon around larger ferrous pots and pans to prevent it from slipping off. Dual sided mirrored design allows the wrap around heating/cooling system to be used on both sides. The device can be recharged with a DC power adapter or through thermoelectric generation.

Designer: Enzo Kocak

source : itechfuture

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