Sunday, 10 October 2010

Electrolux Laptop Kitchen Concept

Electrolux Mobile Kitchen uses induction cooking technology and has 4 induction rings in different sizes to save extra energy depending on what you’re cooking and the size of the pan you need. It’s portability is defined by user needs, whether is outdoor camping or home preparing delicious meals. Inspired by notebook computers, Electrolux Mobile Kitchen has futuristic design and form that allows users to combine and multitask in small workspaces. With Electrolux Mobile Kitchen you can video call your friends and they can help you and guide you through the cooking.

The base is a induction cooktop, there’s a cutting board and a touchscreen computer with all your recipes which will make your cooking fun and more interactive. It also has a large battery to power your cooking when needed.

Designer: Dragan Trenchevski

source : itechfuture

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