Sunday, 17 October 2010

Concept Drinking The Music

Can you imagine a cup of any beverage, which is distributed from a magical melody! Music soothes and gives you great pleasure. Look at this cup. The sleek and dainty creation rests on a charging saucer and is touch sensitive. Drinking The Music has an LED display that gives the creation a dazzling appearance. Once the mug is filled with the desired liquid and the music is played, circular-shaped wave motions are produced on the surface of the liquid. These waves are a result of vibrations produced by the sound/music. The mug will get recharged when it is placed on the saucer.

Cleaning the cup will come sans any difficulty as the components are already immersed in liquid in the form of tea/coffee. Drinking The Music will not only create ripples inside the mug but also in the world of stylish mugs.

Designer : Kukil Han

source : it-tech

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