Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Innovative Sustainable Energy

Concept allows the kinetic power of water being moved naturally to be utilized for generation of clean electricity. By exploiting the perpetual motion of tidal power, the energy-generation sector can be freed of dependence on fossil and nuclear fuel. The S2S stations look to serve primarily as distribution centers that would not only provide of electricity to vessels but also offer additional services such as the filtration and desalination of seawater. The S2S station would be equipped with a touchscreen-enabled interface that would display all the necessary function buttons and information about the weather and sea conditions in one place. The BioStream and S2S stations would be positioned all over the Gulf of Campania in strategic locations to optimize the movement of the underwater sea currents and provide a viable and sustainable source of power to the region.

Designer : Marco Paolucci

source : technologyinnovationsite

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