Sunday, 26 September 2010

The Hydrogen Kettle

The Hydrogen Kettle by industrial designer Matthew Smith is what camping enthusiasts might be looking for. This domestic kettle has been designed for use in the year 2100 and is powered by hydrogen fuel cells. The hydrogen cartridges are slotted into the center and the base of the kettle, where hydrogen is converted into electricity by fuel cells.

Since no electricity cables are required, this sustainable kettle can be used anywhere, anytime. The cradle profile of the base matches that of the top section, which makes the kettle sturdy once engaged. Around the hydrogen cartridges is a circular ring of LEDs, which illuminates when the kettle is turned on. The handle is designed in an ergonomic way, with grooves being cut to represent finger position. Moreover, the control button is large enough to ensure ease of operation.

source : itechfuture

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